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Belgian and slow fashion

ONEBYTWO the label stands for “one outfit by two matching pieces”. Our two-pieces can be worn on different occasions depending on the styling, while pants and top (and possibly cardigan) can also be combined separately. The pieces are stylish, yet easy and comfortable to wear. You can wear our outfits to work, at a party, but also just to stay at home. Standing in front of the wardrobe for hours and doubting which combination to choose is no longer necessary. You put on one of our outfits, and you are immediately elegantly dressed.

ONEBYTWO the label stands for quality, honesty and is timeless. Our focus is on outfits of two (sometimes three) pieces, where we combine comfort and style.

NOOS principle

ONEBYTWO the label will apply a NOOS (never-out-of-stock) principle. This means that outfit designs will return through the capsules, but this will not mean that our models will be produced in large numbers. We are happy to offer you a unique outfit. In addition, fabrics, colors and collections will change regularly over time. In this way we have a limited stock and we remain exclusive. The returning items of clothing in subsequent capsules are recognized by corresponding product names.


The NOOS principle ensures that ONEBYTWO the label is not eligible for discounts and sales. The ensembles therefore remain relevant in every wardrobe for a long time to come. 

Suppliers – Partners

We place high demands on our suppliers and production partners. We consciously pay a lot of attention to transparency, sustainability and good working conditions. The entire process takes place in Europe, according to European guidelines and in a labor and environmentally friendly manner. The fabrics are made exclusively for us in Italy, the confection and production take place in Bulgaria, all through Belgian partners.


The samples are made to measure for Eline, and are then passed on, so that Eline can check the quality and comfort while using them.

SLOW FASHION: timeless collection of high quality

In recent years, and still today, the fashion world is evolving into a "slow fashion industry". The focus shifts to timeless, high-quality collections that last for a long time. As a brand, we are fully in line with this. We guarantee the customer a clothing line that is unique and sustainable.


Our collection is composed of accessible colors and high-quality fabrics. We are not seasonal or trendy, but we do make a distinction between winter and summer capsules in terms of type of materials and models.


You can wear the ensembles of ONEBYTWO the label during different seasons depending on the weather conditions. Sets can be combined with each other or with other items of clothing.


As a fashion label, we appeal to the conscious consumer who attaches importance to ethically responsible Belgian fashion.

Community for ambitious women

We strive to be more than a clothing line. Through our social media channels we will form a community of ambitious women. On our social media we encourage everyone to bring out the best in yourself. Follow us and don't miss out on our tips and inspiring quotes to rock your day.

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