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We consciously pay a lot of attention to a short production chain, transparency, sustainability and good working conditions. We therefore impose high demands on our suppliers and manufacturing partners.

The fabrics are made exclusively for us in Italy, after which they are transported directly to Bulgaria for confection and production. All through Belgian partners, so we have a high level of control and communication runs very smoothly. When the outfits are finished, they come to Belgium and we deliver them personally to our stores and customers.

R espect for people and the planet we carry out ONEBYTWO the label of paramount importance. The entire process is done in an environmentally friendly way in Europe, with experienced certified partners, according to European guidelines and in fair and safe working conditions. In this way we stimulate European industry, employment and ensure a low eco-impact due to the short transport distances.

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Each ensemble arises from the creativity of co-founder Eline. To put together the outfits and final capsules, she bundles her thoughts in a mood board. With a clear overview of colors and styles, we look for the right fabrics.

After finding the right colors and the right styles, the designs of the capsules are drawn by hand by Eline.


Subsequently, Eline's first designs are further designed in collaboration with the clothing workshop.

Here our outfits are digitized . This is done in specific pattern programs. The digital patterns are necessary to set up the production machines in the right way and to finish the outfits in the right way.

The first prototypes are made on the basis of these patterns. These first samples are then sent from Bulgaria to Belgium, where Eline fits them, and has them fitted by friends. Then the samples are updated where necessary.

The "grading" is a crucial step in the confection, here the different dimensions of the various sizes are determined. The samples are adjusted until the final dimensions and patterns are obtained.



Finding good fabrics is a challenge. And that's putting it mildly. A fabric can quickly be too thin, too heavy or of poor quality. To ensure that you can wear our outfits for a long time, the quality of the fabrics is our priority.

For our first capsule (winter) we searched for a long time for the right partner. In collaboration with an internationally renowned fabric consultant, we finally found the perfect match: a Belgian company that produces our orders in an Italian factory.

In the second capsule (summer), the substances are transported directly from Greece to Bulgaria (production site). We think this is important to keep the chain short.

Various tests are carried out on the fabrics in the production plant. Only when all tests have good results will we continue working with the substances.



Like our confection, the production takes place in Bulgaria. Driven by our Belgian partner, this manufacturer has been working with Belgian brands and top designers for 19 years, including some of the " Antwerp Six ".

The finishing of the production is taken care of by the people in the photo. We find the conditions in which the clothing is made extremely important to communicate. This contributes to transparency and shows working conditions that meet all standards.

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